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Ours is an international boat show committed solely to Rigid Inflatable and Inflatable Boats. It is a unique opportunity for the industry to present itself to a highly concentrated group of open boat mariners. The show’s goal is to champion the awareness and use of RIBs across sectors of the marine industry and to present a true show in all senses of the word.

We are delighted to have gained an exclusive event site in this amazing waterside town as a fixed home, a site offering the best facilities and services as well as a truly superb events marina and adjacent open-water ground for trailing.

Buying a boat?

If buying, you may want to make use of our dinghy guide or interactive boat selector where you can compare data of over 300 groups and view suggestions on classes to the type that interests you.

Unlike a car there isn't a registration document which can track the ownership. Unless you want to take your boat overseas, you do not have to register your boat at all. Many people do not which means checking that the person who sells the boat actually owns the boat and ensuring there are no outstanding loans on the boat can be difficult.

Before you think about buying a boat you should see if the boat for sale, or a similar one, has been reported missing or stolen. If a boat is not listed on a database it doesn't mean that it isn’t stolen.

If you buy privately, you will not be legally protected if the craft has a bad history or faults. It's up to you to ask the correct questions and to satisfy yourself that the purchase is in good condition before you buy.

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